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Sandy Mush View- 

Oil on Canvas Board 8x16

Showing at Asheville Gallery of Art

Fall Path

Pastel on Paper 10x11

unframed $175

Nocturne- Private Collection

Oil on Canvas 12x16

Print available $80

Flat Creek- Sold

Oil on canvas 16x24

Print Available $80

Oregon Coast

Oil on canvas 12x24

unframed $600

Our Town Black Mountain- Sold

Acrylic on canvas 12x16

Print available $80

Waterlilies and Clouds

Oil on canvas 16x20

unframed $600

High View

Acrylic on canvas 16x20

unframed $375

Walking Each Other Home

Acrylic on canvas 12x12

unframed $175

And They Wandered in the Desert

Acrylic on canvas 10x20

unframed $250

Reminds Me of Home

Acrylic on canvas 12x20

unframed $80 sold

Standing in the Mist

Oil on canvas 12x16

unframed $200

Magnolia Blossom

Watercolor on paper 8x10

unframed $100

Coastline Lesson (w/V.Collymore)

Oil on canvas 8x10

unframed $80

Bob's Tomatoes  Sold

Oil on canvas 24x24

Lake Tomahawk, Black Mountain

Oil on canvas16x20

unframed $700

Pansy Blossom

Watercolor on paper 5x7

unframed $75


Watercolor on paper 5x7

unframed $75

Poppy Blossom  Sold 

Watercolor on paper 10x11

Print available $30

The Empty Nest 5x7

Watercolor and Gouache

 Print $70 unframed

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